Beating the Lockdown blues

Ever come across people who complain about their weight but always come up with some amazing excuses to not work out. “I don't have time, I'm don’t have room in the house, gyms are too expensive, I need friends around to motivate me and many more”.

I was that person. For most of my life, I had excuses.

A few years ago, that all changed. My husband had a health scare that kicked some sense into me. I started getting serious. I would regularly workout a few times a week in my building gym or with a trainer. I never considered a workout studio at home. It wasn't the space constraint or time. I had a gym that was easy to access, so I used it. But honestly, I disliked the sweaty, germ-infested atmosphere, other people abusing the equipment , and even the inconvenience of going downstairs could sometimes demotivate me. All this came to light during the Corona lockdown. Ultimately, the dedication to stay fit pushed my husband and I to set up a home gym. The size of the setup wasn’t important, it is the will to stay fit that encouraged us.

Slowly and gradually we built a workout studio in the corner of their bedroom. Starting with just a 4 ft bar and 10 kgs to having a really good setup in 2 months.

During the difficult period of Covid 19, we started with body weight training, gradually shifting to weight training. And I started online coaching with Vihang Iskande, Vihang trains me online from Australia.

As we built up strength, we wanted to add weights and other equipment to our home gym. Having a gym in the house, and more so, in the bedroom, is a constant motivation to not get lazy and fit working out into our lives. It has been a game changer for both of us. Plus, it has served to inspire our kids to work out too. Seeing mom and dad work out at home, got our kids excited about fitting workouts into their lives. Since outside activities have reduced and they have virtual school, this has been an added benefit for them as well.

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